The future of this ministry

HC Teens and Infants has gone through yet another transitional period these
last few months, with a tremendous amount of prayer, God’s grace, and
guidance we are entering our next season of serving

I’ve never said words so truer than this ****God shows up and shows off for this ministry**** it’s as if he has a spiritual volcano going off inside me
and I’m filled with energy, not sleeping for days at a time, working on
exactly what he’s telling me to do. And this is where he’s led me to, a few
months ago Horry County had an incident involving a 6 month old baby girl named baby Grace, her mother murdered her, very heartbreaking to say the least. There was an article stating her mom had reached out for help through agencies and was denied help, friends of friends of mine had inquired had she reached out to #Nochildhomeless, Absolutely Not is that answer! Baby Grace would still be here had her mom reached out to me. Then it was suggested that she had reached out through Daniels Law where you can drop off your infant 30 days or younger at a hospital, fire or police department or church during services, no questions asked as long as the baby is unharmed. Well baby Grace was 6 months old & she didn’t fit the criteria for Daniels Law which makes no dam sense to me that a child should die over a wrongful stipulation.Therefore HC Teens mission is revising our mission we will be serving children, we will be saving infants, we will guide pregnant homeless girls to the right agency which just so happens to be one of my closest confidants, In  Marcheeta’ s words :

I am Marchetta, I have been where these girls have been and/or going. I mean that literally. Let me explain a little. In January 2013 I found myself in a situation where I was 7 months pregnant and facing serious homeless issues.  I had called numerous places looking for temporary shelter for ONLY myself. The problem was there was no help to be had except Bethany Hotline they gave me so many agencies to contact but I was directed to Lorretta at HC Teens and Infants Shelter Home. when I called her she explained I did not fit the criteria for placement. She still took my info and told me she would help figure out something. What happened next was purely God intervening once again in my life. I share a birthday with Lorretta’sdaughter and Lorretta knew that was a sign from God to help me, shr heard it in my voice I needed her and her ministry. What a life changing time for me. I had always opened my home to families in the past that were in need.I knew I wanted to do this same on a larger scale. We stayed up nights planning, researching, organizing, answering calls, calming crying moms and babies. Lorretta opened up every aspect of the business and her heart to me. I found family, I found friendship, I strengthened my bond with God, and I have a healthy happy baby…. All because HC Teens and Infants home existed to help. My intention is to establish a first line of contact for these young ladies. I will guide them thru the proper channels to secure a future for them and their children. Thru the continued support of HC Teens and Infants Shelter Home, the community, and my mentor Lorretta, and God guidance I believe that we can put a serious dent in the teen pregnancy, homeless, and infant mortality rates right here in our own back yards.
We’re not just going to talk a talk we will walk this walk, make the
difference we want to see in this world. 6 More days Lo until you close on
your new shelter home. Yes!!!!


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