Our Mission

 -Our mission is to provide a Safe Haven for young women in crisis as well as homeless teenage girls that are pregnant. Our goal is to house 10-12 teens throughout their pregnancy and beyond the birthing experience until Mother and Baby are self- sufficient in all aspects of life.

-Our Goals are to assure medical care and mental well being of every resident, we make sure that our soon to be mommies are getting full medical and prenatal care until delivery and through infancy to reduce the rate of high risk pregnancies and infant mortality. -We are a Non- Profit Organization that relies on donations from individual, businesses, civic organizations, churches and fund raisers. -We are here to educate these young women in infant and child care in every aspect of The Word. In addition to obtaining trusting OB/ GYNs, pediatricians and pediatric nurses and to get help from other agencies such as FSS Family Outreach. -We instill Academic Achievement and Spiritual Growth. We provide computers in every room (Provost Academy) for online High School during pregnancy in addition to encouraging a Spiritual Journey through worship.

It is our goal to integrate into the community, churches, schools and media to spread the word about homeless teenage pregnancy. By opening the Horry County Teens and Infants Shelter Home we are saving a teenager and a child, two generations! We are giving these teens and infants a hope for a better future. We are allowing teen and infant to bond as mother and child and to flourish instead of being forgotten and perish! These special children are worthy of our time, efforts, finances and support. Please contact us to volunteer or donate for a worthy cause!